“STUDIO AGGREGATO TRUPPA MEDICI” provides professional consultancy to companies and entities involved in a broad range of activities.


The consultancy activity begins in a preliminary stage whenever a “new business” is about to start and involves the analysis of each individual step in order to assess the possible financial return of the project after having taken into consideration all tax and legal aspects and identified the most suitable type of legal entity to be used in the circumstances.


This involves direct contacts with notary public and lawyers; furthermore all formalities with relevant Public Offices are looked after.


“STUDIO AGGREGATO TRUPPA MEDICI” has had amongst its clients, all throughout years, various important companies operating in various fields, such as publishing, marketing, hotels, chemical and iron industries, sale of real properties, etc.


Based on many years of experience, “STUDIO AGGREGATO TRUPPA MEDICI” has developed a professional know-how which allows a full commitment of its consultants in solving the client’s day by day problems.


Based on information provided by clients, “STUDIO AGGREGATO TRUPPA MEDICI” will take care of the formation of annual financial statements and all related administrative and legal formalities, as well as the calculation of the tax charge and filing the related returns providing also all relevant financial reports.


The “STUDIO AGGREGATO TRUPPA MEDICI” policy is to develop a team attitude of its consultants, but allowing the possibility for each individual consultant to specialize in a specific field (therefore there will be specialists in value added tax matters, in tax planning, international taxation etc.) but always keeping clearly in mind the overall view of the client’s requirements.


In details STUDIO AGGREGATO TRUPPA MEDICI will look, amongst many others, after the following:
– Filing all sort of tax returns
– Definition of tax strategies both at national and international level following “ad hoc” tax plannings
– Consultancy on any specific question both at national and international level
– Professional advice on national and international tax matters
– Professional assistance during tax assessments activities carried out by tax authorities
– Professional assistance on tax controversy against any tax court
– Planning and practical implementation of any extraordinary operation such as mergers, acquisitions, evaluation of companies to be acquired, sale of shares or similar, etc.
– Preparation and filing of consolidated accounts


“STUDIO AGGREGATO TRUPPA MEDICI” also operates in auditing accounts also for the sole purpose of revising in detail all the internal procedures and existing structures in order to achieve a better overall performance and better results for the client involved.


Furthermore, “STUDIO AGGREGATO TRUPPA MEDICI” consultants will:
– Act as statutory auditors whenever required (sindaci)
– Set-up statutory financial statements
– Perform so called “due diligence”
– Set-up any financial statements to be used for mergers, acquisitions, transformation of the Company’s Status etc.
– Set-up of consolidated financial statements for any type of companies